Rewilder Backpack Review

Rewilder is an eco-friendly company that makes backpacks out of recycled airbags and seat belts. I'm in love!

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Move Over California Blond! Gray Hair Is Everywhere!




If you search #grannyhair on Instagram, you're going to find hundreds of photos of young women (I mean 20-somethings) with various shades of gray hair. Evidently, it's the new coolest thing. It's not only the young hipsters going gray either. More and more boomer-age women are ditching the dye and letting their own gray shine.



Despite my usual desire to be part of team-trendy, I continue to pay about $150 a month to keep my natural gray out of sight! And, I don't have any intention of changing that. Nope! Not me! I plan on going to heaven with a nice medium blond and subtle highlights!

In an effort to understand my graying sisters, I asked a lot of women why they decided to go au naturel. Believe it or not, most of them said they decided to stop coloring their hair because they were tired of the time and expense it takes to keep it dyed. Could this be true? I should point out that many of these women wear stylish clothes and some of them even wear make-up on a daily basis. Could it really be that a trip to the salon every 4-8 weeks is the deal-breaker? This seems odd to me.


I want to propose that the trend toward natural hair color stems directly from our formative decades. Boomer women came into their own during the women's liberation movement of the 60s and the back-to-nature 70s. We may have left the labels behind, but those were our years.


Let's face it, the whole beauty industry is about as anti-feminist and anti-natural as anything can be. How many Boomer men do you know who worry about the Pantone shade of the year and what lipsticks go with it? And it's old news that gray hair on men is a mark of distinction. Just think George Clooney! Am I right? But for the most part, his female counterparts cover their gray.


I understand all of this! I get it that the patriarchy has defined what is beautiful in women, and we should all raise our fists against these restrictive images. I totally and completely agree that covering gray (and getting Botox, and going under the knife, and wearing make-up, and etc.) is an attempt, in part, to remain attractive to men. But I think it is more and deeper than that.

Sometimes, when I look in the mirror, I do not see myself looking back. The me who lives in my thoughts and in my dreams is not aging. The in-my-head me seems to have frozen somewhere in her mid-thirties. She doesn't have saggy skin and gray hair. She's vibrant and sexy and has the world in front of her!

Photo by Wavebreakmedia/ Getty Images

Photo by Wavebreakmedia/ Getty Images

So here's my deal with the universe. I'm going to continue to make my outside fit as closely as possible with my inside. The disconnect is just too jarring. When my thoughts begin to age, I will let the rest of me follow along. Until then, bring on the dye, the lipstick, and the Botox (Ya, I said it!) so I can greet the REAL me every time I catch my reflection.

Please comment below. Where do you stand on this issue? How do you cope with the young brain/aging body dilemma, or do you even face it at all? And PLEASE, as always, share this post with everyone you know. I can't tell you how much that helps me and how grateful I am!