BoomBoomNow is a site for Baby Boomers navigating middle age and beyond

About the Site

BoomBoomNow provides content relevant to Baby Boomers as we navigate the terrain of this new phase of life. We all remember how the very idea of being over 50 seemed like the worst thing that could ever happen...well, except for the concept of not making it to see over 50. Surely that sounded worse, though perhaps not by much. Well here we are, and in true Boomer style, we're changing the way this stage looks. We're Boomers, and we've walked this path together. This online space is intended to help us explore our now by sharing our thoughts, strategies, concerns, and fears.

Photograph by Milton Clark

About Me


Kait Leonard

I live in Los Angeles, which makes the already crazy idea of aging even crazier. To get cosmetic surgery or let my hair go gray and wear dangling earrings, that is the question! Why didn't anyone tell me about the things I was going to face? (Oh wait! I'm a Boomer. I wouldn't have listened.) To make matters even more complicated, I find myself single once more. What does it even mean to be single at my age? Dating again...Oh geez! That along with health issues, hormones, and falling off high heels, honestly, I feel like I tumbled down the rabbit hole.

So I say, Bring it! Let's do this thing right!

I will be blogging about topics that I hope will be useful to others who find themselves in a similar state of How the Hell did I get here? My intention is for this site to be interactive, so please participate. I want to hear from you. I intend to address issues that readers want information about (with certain limitations. See paragraph below.) My goal is for BoomBoomNow to provide a place for community to happen.

In the interest of full disclosure and the blood pressure of my readers, I need to put certain biases right up front. I'm vegan, which means I won't be writing health articles about the paleo diet nor suggesting products that have animal torture somewhere in their production. My politics are far to the left, but I will try to keep myself in check as much as possible. And while I absolutely want this site to be interactive, and in good Boomer style, I love a great debate, I will not tolerate expressions of racism, sexism, homophobia, or any of the other uglies out there in the world.

With all of that said, and with a profound gratitude,



About the Photographer


Milton Clark

Milton Clark, a fellow boomer, is a photographer living and working in Southern California. After a long career in academia, he finds himself facing new challenges. He claims his strength is landscape photography, but he creates beautiful images of all kinds. He has contributed most of the original photography for the site.